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Zoka Orthodontics
Give Us A Call 805 482 6636

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Tel (805) 482-6636

Office Location
3801 Las Posas Road,
Suite 212
Camarillo, California 93010

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"Always exceptional!!! "
- Kathy C                                                                                                                                                             

"This has been an excellent visit, like always. The staff is extremely friendly, the quality of care has been super for over 5 years. All 3 children love going to see Dr.Zoka and Staff."      -  Keri                                                                                                                                                          

"My son's teeth look gorgeous! I have great trust and confidence in Dr. Zoka and his staff."  - Ali S.

"I decided to go for absolute perfection and have my upper teeth straightened with the removable aligner. The ease, comfort and effectiveness of this orthodontic process is unbelieveable" - Mark M.


"I was thrilled with the results of my son's orthodontics. Troy always looks forward to coming to the office and seeing Dr. Zoka, who has a wonderful rapport with patients and parents." - Troy D


"The removable aligner is the answer for a busy working person.  It can be removed for important meetings or just a night out on the town! and it works in just 6 months." - Kathy C.


"A healthy, natural smile just makes me feel more confident.  Thanks to Dr. Zoka, I got the smile of my dreams in just under 6 months." - Christine R.


"Dr. Zoka gave my son a beautiful smile! He was voted as having the best smile in his year book." - Mike Y.

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